Jurassic World the Movie Review

Jurassic World

Jurassic World the Move Review

Once every few years there comes a book or movie that changes expectations. Jurassic Park was that kind. For me, this movie was what science fiction was all about. Sure, there were speculative elements in it, but not the crazy fantasy stuff that parades around as science fiction in movies and literature these days. Jurassic Park was the epitome of what good science fiction should be, thrilling, awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, and close to real science.

So when Jurassic World released last week, I was excited. I hoped for the magic that I felt when watching the first of this series. What I saw was good, but far from the original. The graphic effects where great as expected. Imagine walking around with the dinosaurs, how cool is that? It was thrilling like the others with lots of teeth and racing velociraptors. Where it fell short to me was the characters. I never felt they were developed and connected with the audience. In the original it was easy to fall in the love with Dr. Grant, Lex and Tim, and Ian. The awesome special effects and storyline added to the pleasure of the original movie. But the characters of Jurassic World didn’t quite touch me the same way.

I do applaud the effort to produce great science fiction. I just wish it had captured more of the story, character, and magic of the original. Be warned, it’s not for small children.

3 out of 5 spaceships.


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