Infinity Ring- A Fun Middle Grade Time Travel Read

Infinity Ring- A Fun Middle Grade Time Travel Read


Infinity Ring

My current work in progress is a middle grade (MG) book, a science fiction tale on another planet. In preparation to make the switch from YA to MG, I’ve been spending time on Twitter at #mglitchat as a co-host to discuss MG lit and reading MG science fiction books. My goal for the blog is to find the best science fiction books for kids out there. A tough job since most of what gets shelved as science fiction is fantasy in disguise.

Today’s review is on Infinity Ring by author James Dashner of  Maze Runner fame. Though Maze Runner is a serious dystopian thriller, Infinity Ring diverges as one of the funniest time traveling/alternative history books I’ve read for kids. Infinity Ring tells the story of two protagonists and best friends, Dac and Sara, and how they try to save their world from a secret group called the SQ. The SQ attempts to alter important historical events to change the course of history.

I loved this book for two reasons. First, the main characters are sarcastic genius kids that have a propensity for getting into trouble. This makes the read hilarious and engaging as they try to outwit each other. The second cool thing about this book is that it’s a science fiction time traveling story that works in an alternative world. Alternative histories are where the history of world is altered or told in such a way that new outcomes occur.

In Infinity Ring, Dac and Sara have to travel back in time to change historical events that didn’t go quite as planned in order to save the planet, in their current time, from being destroyed by the SQ. The mash up of time travel, history, and mystery in this book is a fun read as Dac and Sara aren’t sure how some historical events are supposed to go. Plus, the humor will have middle schoolers and adults laughing throughout.

Infinity Ring is a fun read and worth your time if you’re looking for a quick time traveling read. Oh, and it has follow up books in the series that are already out.

4 out of 5 Starships.


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