For those that read my blog and are wondering what gibberish I’m writing about today, let me explain. No, let me sum up. NANOWRIMO is the acronym for National Novel Writing In a Month. The goal of NANOWRIMO is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. I’ve joined the writing fray twice before and successfully completed the 50,000 word mark back in 2012. I skipped last year to work on revisions of a YA piece. This year I’m working on a middle grade science fiction story that came to me recently.

NANOWRIMO isn’t for the faint of heart. It means writing 1,600+ words day. That’s about 6 and half pages a day. Not an easy task when you have to keep the story going all the way to the end. Thus, my blog may suffer a bit this month in terms of additional content.

So far, I’m starting strong and am over 1/10th of the way through. If you want to join me in the writing fun then shoot me a message. I’ll be happy to become a writing buddy.

Wish me luck!


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