Divergent the Movie: A Review


Divergent the Movie: A Review

There are a lot of YA dystopian novels out on the market and I enjoy finding a story that rises above the fray. Divergent, the first of Veronica Roth’s dystopian series, was delight to read and I was excited to watch the book made into a movie and released last month.

The story follows Tris, a girl living in near future Chicago that has split humanity into classifications to maximize their survival. The problem for Tris is that her test results show that she doesn’t sort to anyone of the main groups. Tris follows her heart and then has to prove she belongs to the group she’s selected.

With movie adaptations, it is always interesting to see how well the director and screenwriters capture the essence of the original. In the case of Divergent, I felt it was a good portrayal and in some instances it may have added to the emotions of Tris’ difficult life. Divergent has bit of everything, a little romance, action, intrigue, and even some tense drama as Tris finds out who she really is and what her society has in store for her and her people. Thus, I feel it will draw a wide range of movie viewers.

If you are looking for a good dystopian science fiction movie that will appeal to a bigger audience, then Divergent is worth your time to watch.

4 out of 5 starships


8 thoughts on “Divergent the Movie: A Review

  1. I really want to see this, but w/work and baby-sitting costs, it probably won’t be until it comes out on DVD. =( But everyone I’ve heard talk about it in the writing world has really enjoyed it. So that’s good!

  2. My older kids weren’t that enamored with the movie though they liked the book. I’m going to see it with friends on Wednesday. With all the mixed reviews, I’m so curious to see the movie and compare it to the book!! 🙂

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