Gravity 3D

I watched the movie Gravity last week and was impressed. Gravity 3D tells the story of astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone and her experience adrift in space after a serious accident. It’s a space drama and reminded me of Apollo 13. Gravity’s digital graphics alone are worth watching the movie. The action was good. At times it was a bit too incredible, hard to imagine flailing through space and one hand cling to a hand hold with bulky space gloves.  But the action keeps you on edge and doesn’t disappoint. There aren’t a lot of characters, so the director has to build a story around the main character. It helps that he has Sandra Bullock to work with, but expect more I Am Legend style. Overall, I’d give it 4 starships out of 5 (definitely 5 out of 5 for the graphics). If you’re looking for a great space science fiction movie, then you’ll want to see this. Besides, astronauts are cool. You know you want to be one.


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